Common Questions

Why should I trust you to help me?

When I need support or advice I go to the people that have done it or are doing it. 

I am a widow. I am a highly educated widow who has had a history of professional and personal success, now applying these skills to managing and rebuilding a life upon my husband’s death.  I didn’t read a book about death and set up a grief practice.  I am living it.  Besides my widowhood, I carried my Mom through my Dad’s death.  I am pragmatic and communicative and my most fervent desire is to support you.

What if we don’t click?

Although I have yet to speak with a widow where we didn’t identify with each other, it could happen. That is okay. 

I offer a money back guarantee. If you tell me within 48 hours that the session didn’t help you I will refund your fee.

If what is written on my website resonates with you, even just a little bit, the probably is high that we will click.  

Why do you charge for this service?

My healthy husband died in his fifties.  This was not in the life plan. 

I value my experience and expertise. I charge a reasonable rate. It may the best money you spend on yourself or you may find it doesn’t have value for you. It’s important to me that I work with clients that value both themselves and me.

Eventually a widow needs to get serious about her value. Perhaps I can help you understand your value. I am very good at identifying strengths and teaching people how to capitalize on that. When you are ready.

Will I ever be normal again?

I believe that you won’t be the person that you were before your tragedy occurred.  I believe that you will be different.  I do think it is eventually possible to create a new life that brings you joy and engages you. First you grieve profoundly and completely. Then you rebuild.

I tell widows all the time that every day you decide to stay on this planet you are your own hero. Breathe. Take a breath.  It’s difficult to survive and rebuild but I know it can be done. I’m doing it myself and I am helping others to do it.