My years of professional and personal experiences have taught me that each death and each reaction to that death is special and unique. We are all remarkable human beings. No two of us are alike or have had the same life. We are not going to react to our spouse’s death the same way. I understand that.

I work with women that have had a spouse or long-term partner die.  Whether the death was sudden or expected after an illness it is difficult to describe the pain and suffering that occurs.  My goal is to provide support and guidance where desired.  When we end a conversation or a text session I want you to feel that you were heard, understood and validated.  My goal is not to cure you of you heartache.  My goal is to meet you exactly where you are in your grief or pain or perhaps in your new life, if you have started rebuilding. 

The best thing that I did for my son and I when my husband died was to accept the pain and sit with it.  We did not ignore it.  That was what we needed to do.  At each step we consciously evaluated the situation and made a decision as best we could at the time. That was our way.

Let me help you with this unfortunate journey you are on.  In the manner that you need it.

First sessions are completely free for new clients

What You Can Expect

Before the First Session:

Prior to our first phone session I will have received some basic information about you and your loss from the initial signup form.  I will have spent some time quietly sitting and thinking about you and your situation prior to engaging with you.  Most likely I will have jotted down comments and questions for my use during our session.  There is no charge for the first session - a thirty minute phone conversation.

During the First Session:

I will start by introducing myself, thank you for reaching out to me.  I will note the concerns that you indicated on your signup form, and ask if there is anything specific that you would like to talk about different from what you indicated on your signup form.  If there are other issues I will add those to my notes.

Perhaps the reason you are contacting me is that you are in extreme pain and you want to talk about that.  Or perhaps the reason you are contacting me is that you are having trouble with intrusive people and need my help in setting appropriate boundaries.  Maybe you have survived and stabilized but want support and advice in building a new life. My desire is to meet you where you are.

What I have found by speaking with other widows is that every widow, once given the opportunity to be heard, is very open with her feelings and concerns.   

Prior to End of the First Session: 

When we have five minutes left I will take some time to briefly recap what we discussed and then ask for your opinion on our session.  What did you find helpful?  What could I do differently to help you?, etc.

If I feel that you would be best working with someone else I will openly tell you that.  If I believe that I can help you in future sessions I will tell you that.    

Messaging Support

Your emotions can't always be scheduled. With Message Support you can send emails and texts when you feel you need it most.


Phone Support

You know what time of the day is the most difficult for you. With Phone Support we can talk through your emotions when it's convenient for you.  


In-Person Support

If you're currently in the Metro Detroit area, I also offer support either in your home or a place where we can meet up quietly in the community.

First sessions are completely free for new clients