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To A Safe Space

Supportive • Confidential • Encouraging


What I Believe


your experience is unIque.

My truth is my truth. Your truth is your truth. My marriage was remarkable and unequaled as was your marriage. My husband’s death can’t be compared to your husband’s death nor should it be.  We all react differently to our tragedy on our own timetable. I want to help you wherever you in your grief at this time in your life. 

In your own way.


I will listen. I will not invalidate your feelings by offering unwanted advice or positive sayings. I will not argue with you about how you should feel or what your spouse would want you to feel right now. Your feelings are your feelings and need to be heard and accepted as they are.


YOU WILL HAVE guidance and support.

When you want me to listen I will. When you want my guidance I will give it. Tailored to you. Specific to your situation and your feelings and your personality. Because we are all unique individuals. I will listen to you empathetically and knowingly and if you want me to offer guidance I will do so. 

On your terms.


Peer Support

I am not a licensed therapist. I am a real life, real time widow who understands. You can call me a widow coach or a life coach or a grief coach or someone that you can be completely honest with who will keep your secrets. Better than a best friend as often friends talk.  I am very good at providing strategic and pragmatic advice based on who you are and where you are in your life. There is no one approach to surviving a death or rebuilding a life and I will tailor my advice to what you think you need support with.


Intense & Profound Pain

widow support website

It is a pain like no other.  You can’t imagine how you are going to live through it. Intellectually you know you will survive.  Emotionally you don’t know how you will survive and frankly, for a long time, you don’t really want to.

From meeting and speaking with other widows, I know that we all walk our own path of pain.  As a widow and as a woman that has experienced life on many different levels, I have a glimpse into your pain. 

I get it. 

I can help.